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Rick Scott Opposes Raising Minimum Wage, So He Runs Away From Questions

When a reporter asked Rick Scott about raising the minimum wage, he said it makes him “cringe” and the idea that it would help people is “a lie.”

But with the overwhelming majority of Florida voters supporting giving America a raise, Rick Scott hasn’t said a word about the minimum wage since then — literally running away from questions. The reason he won’t answer is that his true position — a hike makes him “cringe” and the idea it would help people is “a lie” — is devastating to middle-class families and therefore hugely unpopular. 

“Rick Scott opposes a minimum wage increase, and has said so — but you won’t hear him say it again, because he knows his position will hurt Florida families and is extraordinarily unpopular,” said FDP spokesman Joshua Karp. “This is exactly what Floridians have come to expect from Rick Scott, and exactly why they have lost all trust in him.”

Click here to watch Rick Scott run away from talking about the minimum wage — because he knows his position is hugely unpopular with voters. 

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