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Peas in A Pod: Washington Lobbyist David Jolly Raising Cash From Rick Scott

Tallahasse, FL — This morning, Washington Lobbyist David Jolly is raising campaign cash from Governor Rick Scott – who was responsible for the largest Medicare fraud in U.S. history.           

“When it comes to making Pinellas seniors pay more, Washington Lobbyist David Jolly and Rick Scott are two peas in a pod,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Joshua Karp. “Just like Scott, Lobbyist Jolly would protect unfair tax loopholes for his corporate clients and the wealthiest few while balancing the budget on the backs of seniors: praising the Ryan Budget that turns Medicare into a costly voucher program, supporting privatizing Social Security, and pushing for a return to the Medicare prescription drug donut hole. Just like Rick Scott, seniors simply can’t trust Washington Lobbyist David Jolly.”

Lobbyist Jolly praised the Ryan Budget that turns Medicare into a costly voucher program. And on Social Security, Lobbyist Jolly said it’s “not guaranteed,” and “everything should be on the table, including private accounts,” – a disastrous idea that would force seniors to gamble with their retirement in the Stock Market.  Jolly also lobbied for an extreme group whose founder supported privatization.

Lobbyist Jolly and Rick Scott also both support radical repeal of the Affordable Care Act, which would re-open the Medicare Prescription Drug Donut Hole, eliminating $186 million in savings for over 226,000 Medicare beneficiaries in Florida. USA Today recently wrote that Jolly’s repeal “would mean higher costs” for everyone.


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