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Rick Scott's Own Party Blasts His Education Funding Plan

Rick Scott wants Floridians to believe that he supports education funding — going so far as to call his latest education budget “historic” — but not even his own party believes that spin. 

The GOP’s reaction? “I think we can do better…I think we can do more,” says House Speaker Will Weatherford, who who opposes Common Core and has voted to cut funding for colleges, universities, and public schools, and to send public tax dollars to private for-profit charter schools.

“Tea Party leaders like Will Weatherford have helped Rick Scott cut hundreds upon hundreds of millions from education. So when even they accuse Rick Scott of providing too little money, families can be sure the governor is shortchanging Florida kids,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Joshua Karp. “The fact is that the the pennies Rick Scott is offering won’t allow Florida’s state universities to do right by our children.”

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