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Awkward Alert: Lobbyist Jolly Campaigning With Sen. Rubiou2026 After Opposing Rubio Immigration Proposal

It’s going to be an awkward encounter today between Special Interest Lobbyist David Jolly and Senator Marco Rubio – since Lobbyist Jolly opposes Sen. Rubio’s signature immigration reform proposal.

See for yourself:

Question: Would you have supported the plan that the Senate came up with, the Marco Rubio plan?

Jolly: On its face no.

“It’s going to be an awkward afternoon when Senator Marco Rubio confronts special interest Lobbyist David Jolly about Jolly’s opposition to Rubio’s signature immigration reform proposal,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Joshua Karp. “Once again, Lobbyist Jolly is siding with the most dysfunctional fringe and opposing bipartisan, commonsense solutions to the most pressing challenges facing our country. It’s just another sign that Lobbyist Jolly and his Tea Party ideology are out of touch with the values of Pinellas families and that we just can’t trust Lobbyist David Jolly .”


Jolly Said He Would Not Have Supported Senator Marco Rubio’s Immigration Reform Proposal. In 2013, when asked if he would support Senator Marco Rubio’s immigration proposal, Jolly answered: “On its face, no […] We have  11 million people here illegally. Because we simply  change the name to undocumented instead of illegal doesn’t make it right.” [Bay News 9 Political Connections, 12/08/13]

Jolly: “I Don’t Support a Pathway to Citizenship.” “I don’t support a pathway to citizenship. We are a loving and caring nation but we are also a nation of laws. It is important that those who have broken the law recognize that […] We can’t insult the folks that do it legally by giving a pathway to citizenship to people who have broken the law.” [St. Petersburg College Candidate Forum, 2/03/14]


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