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A Valentine To Special Interest Lobbyist David Jolly From His Benefactor, Extreme Millionaire James MacDougald

Tallahassee, FL – In celebration of Valentine’s Day, today the Florida Democratic Party released the following Valentine’s Day Card from Lobbyist David Jolly’s benefactor and campaign finance co-chair James MacDougald.


“After Lobbyist David Jolly’s firms were paid nearly $100,000 by radical millionaire James MacDougald, it’s no surprise that Lobbyist Jolly is pushing MacDougald’s Tea Party agenda that would make seniors, veterans and middle class families pay more while protecting unfair tax breaks for corporations and the ultra-wealthy,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Joshua Karp. “With Jolly’s heart already bought and sold to shady special interests, it’s no wonder Lobbyist Jolly has no love for Pinellas residents.  But it’s just more proof that we can’t trust a special interest lobbyist like Jolly in Washington.”

In his book “Unsustainable,” Jolly’s benefactor MacDougald outlines a radical ideology that is out of step with Pinellas residents – including calling the Social Security Trust Fund a “Ponzi scheme,” labeling the Department of Education “unconstitutional,” and even taking a page from the Mitt Romney playbook and stating that 47% of Americans who paid no income taxes are dependent on government welfare. Jolly himself has echoed many of MacDougald’s more radical beliefs, stating recently that “Social Security is not guaranteed,” and Jolly’s lobbying firms were paid $90,000 by MacDougald’s organization.


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