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Rick Scott Should Have Plead the Fifth: In National Interview, Scott Puts False Attacks (and Baseball) Ahead of Equality and Health Care

Rick Scott should have just pled the fifth. Today, on a nationally televised interview with Chuck Todd, Rick Scott refused to take a stand on Arizona’s discriminatory anti-LGBT law and continued his misleading attacks against Medicare.

Rick Scott was asked by Chuck Todd whether he would veto Arizona’s newly-passed legislation that would allow business owners to deny service to the gay and lesbian community based on religious beliefs. Instead of sharing his opinion — even just his general opinion on whether discrimination should be legalized — Rick Scott said that he has not seen the bill, not once, not twice, but three times.

Scott continued reciting debunked attacks, claiming that Democrats are robbing Medicare, when in fact he is the ultimate Medicare thief — his company stole millions of taxpayer dollars that should have gone to seniors.Floridians know they can’t trust Rick Scott on Medicare, but Rick Scott continues his desperate, hypocritical attempts to mislead voters.

What was Rick Scott brave enough to actually take a stand on? Spring training. He’s for it.

“In front of a national audience, Rick Scott had three chances to stand for equality and against discrimination. All three times, Rick Scott declined. Many Republicans have come out against this discriminatory legislation in recent days, but Rick Scott is notably not one of them,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant.

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