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Jan Brewer Had The Courage to Say Where She Stood While Rick Scott Scrambles

Last night, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer took a stand against Arizona’s discriminatory anti-LGBT bill by vetoing it, despite her history of supporting discriminatory immigration legislation. How did Rick Scott address discrimination? He waffled.

Instead of standing up for equality in a nationally televised interview yesterday morning, Rick Scott –– the ultimate Medicare thief –– continued to recite false attacks on Medicare. This isn’t the first time Rick Scott has shown absolutely no leadership on issues important to Floridians. 

After a day of negative headlines and backlash from Floridians who firmly stand for equality, Rick Scott released a statement saying the discriminatory Arizona bill “seems unnecessary.” 

“It appears Rick Scott needs a little more time to decide if he wants to stand for equality and against discrimination. Will Rick Scott ever be confident in standing for equality? Floridians deserve better than weak rhetoric and absolutely no action.” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant.

Rick Scott campaigned on bringing Brewer’s extreme immigration legislation to Florida, and now Rick Scott is even more of out-of touch than his counterpart in Arizona. Rick Scott should’ve taken a firm stand against discrimination without hesitation, and Rick Scott should follow Brewer’s lead and expand access to health care. But we know how Rick Scott really feels about expanding access to health care, there’s no hesitation, he’s against it.

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