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What Republican Jack Latvala Really Thinks About Republican Washington Lobbyist David Jolly

Tallahassee, FL — Today, Republican Washington lobbyist David Jolly will announce the endorsement of Republican Jack Latvala. Here’s why that’s more than a little awkward: during the Republican primary, Latvala made it clear how he really feels about Lobbyist David Jolly:





“Republican Jack Latvala hit the nail on the head in the primary: Pinellas residents just can’t trust Washington Lobbyist David Jolly,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Joshua Karp. “Even Republicans like Latvala criticized Special Interest Lobbyist as ‘just not part of our community,’ because it’s clear Lobbyist David Jolly does not share Pinellas County values. From wanting to overturn Roe v. Wade to opposing paycheck fairness for women, lobbyist Jolly’s radical Tea Party ideology could not be more out of step with the voters of Florida’s 13th Congressional District.”

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