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His Last Chance: What Floridians Are Hoping Rick Scott Will Say Today

Today, Rick Scott will deliver his fourth state of the state address — and unless he changes the deeply misguided priorities he’s held for three years, it will be his last.

For three years, Rick Scott’s priorities have consistently put the wealthy special interests and biggest corporations first. Middle class Floridians are struggling, and Scott cut funding for education and families, raised college tuition, and pointed fingers instead of acting on rising flood insurance and electric rates. 

Running for reelection, Scott has tried to mislead Floridians about his real record — but he isn’t fooling anybody about his real priorities. To win reelection, Rick Scott would have to put aside those misguided priorities.

If Rick Scott is ready, here’s the real leadership Floridians are waiting for today:

These are the priorities that Florida middle class families will be waiting for. This is the leadership the voters are demanding.

Today, they will be watching to see if Rick Scott can reverse course on his failed policies and show this leadership.


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