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The State of the Campaign: Desperate

In His Last “State” Speech, Rick Scott Doubles Down on Failed Priorities

Today, Rick Scott outlined his vision of Florida and his priorities for the coming year — and showed exactly why he is so wrong for Florida. Instead of showing how he will help the middle class, Rick Scott proved that the only thing he cares about is his own reelection.

Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant made the following statement:

“Today, Rick Scott doubled down on the failed policies that have hurt the middle class for three long years. Rick Scott confirmed that he is not on the side of the middle class — he’s looking out for the wealthiest special interests. Over and over again, he claimed to be a job creator, when Floridians know that is not true. He claimed to be making investments in education, when Floridians know that is not true.

“Floridians don’t trust Rick Scott, and that’s because he has proven he’ll say anything to win a second term. This was Rick Scott’s last chance to show leadership for Florida’s middle class. Instead, he tried to mislead the public and delivered a series of spin-tested reelection talking points.

Floridians are desperate for investment in education. They are desperate for a governor who will put middle class jobs ahead of handouts to the wealthy special interests. But today, they heard a governor who doesn’t care about their needs. Floridians heard clearly that Rick Scott only cares about his own reelection.

“This speech wasn’t about the state of Florida. It was about the state of Rick Scott’s campaign, and he is desperate. The only positive news about this State of the State is that it will be Rick Scott’s last.”

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