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Romney to Fundraise for Scott at Top Fundraiser's "Mega-Mansion"

Corporate raider Mitt Romney is coming to Florida to help fundraise for corporate fraudster Rick Scott. The fundraiser is being held at Rick Scott’s Finance Chair Mike Fernandez’s “mega-mansion” in Coral Gables. Fortunately for Mike Fernandez, he should be able to afford a few more mansions in the near future after being given over a billion dollars in state Medicaid contracts

(It really pays off to be Rick Scott’s top campaign donor).

“I’m sure Mitt Romney and Rick Scott will talk all night about their successes in putting wealthy special interests and campaign donors like Mike Fernandez above the middle class. After all, they have so much in common: Mitt Romney raided companies and liquidated the jobs they provided to local communities — while Rick Scott’s company raided the Medicare funds communities rely on. From a past loser to a future loser, I’m sure they’ll clink their cocktails and have a blast,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant.

What’s happening at the fundraiser besides accepting $25,000 checks?

Maybe Mitt Romney can share his challenges with installing an elevator for his luxury cars. Or perhaps, Rick Scott can share an anecdote about his efforts to deny unemployment benefits to Floridians who are looking for work. Rest assured, they’ll be keeping a keen eye out for hidden cameras: they would much rather not have their criticisms of hard-working Floridians be broadcast to the world.

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