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Rick Scott: No Book, No Money, Mo’ Problems

It’s only Tuesday, but this week is already one of comic disarray and confusion in Rick Scott’s political machine.

The Associated Press reported that Scott’s campaign is now denying ever receiving a $500,000 check from a top campaign contributor, despite listing the massive contribution on official documents for months. Rick Scott’s campaign attorney says the donation, one of the campaign’s largest, was an “accounting error.”

Now, the Tampa Bay Times reported that Rick Scott is writing a book. Scott told the press, “I’m writing a book. I’m not not planning on having a book before the election.” But the book, titled “Chasing Sunshine: Remarkable People Who Found the American Dream in Florida,” is scheduled for publication on April 15, in just five weeks — and is available for pre-order on

The Bottom Line?

Rick Scott said he got a $500,000 campaign check. Now his attorney says it was an “accounting error.”

Rick Scott’s campaign said he wasn’t writing a book. Then Scott said he was, for publication after the campaign. Now the book is for sale on

Either Rick Scott is trying to bizarrely mislead the public, or he and his campaign just don’t have a clue what they’re doing.

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