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Facing “Awful” Poll Numbers, Rick Scott Clumsily Panders to Hispanics

But Florida’s Hispanics Will Remember the Real Rick Scott in November

After denying for years that in-state tuition for Dreamers was necessary, today Rick Scott announced halfhearted support for in-state tuition rates for some undocumented students.

This is just another pandering election year conversion — and a direct result of the pressure Rick Scott has been feeling from Florida voters.

Less than a year ago, Rick Scott said he believed the opposite: When asked by the Sun-Sentinel if he supported in-state tuition for “non-citizens brought to this country at a very young age by their parents,” Rick Scott said, “I think the right thing is if you were born in this country and you have the residency requirements of this state, you get in-state tuition.”

In 2010, Rick Scott spoke from the heart and won over Tea Party conservatives, demeaning the Hispanic community and fighting for Arizona’s bigoted immigration law. Now that he’s running for reelection, Rick Scott finds it politically convenient to pander to Hispanics.  

“For three years, Rick Scott hasn’t been treating young undocumented immigrants like people — now, he’s treating them like political pawns,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant.

“Less than a year ago, this governor said he didn’t support helping Dreamers go to college, and then vetoed drivers’ licenses for Dreamers. We saw where Rick Scott’s heart is when he targeted Hispanics with a voter purge, and voiced enthusiastic support for Arizona-style immigration laws,” Chair Tant added.


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