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You’d Think a Millionaire Could Keep Better Track of His Own Money

If the numbers weren’t so big, it would be a comic story of an incompetent campaign. Rick Scott’s campaign reported a $500,000 donation last year. But the donation has mysteriously disappeared from state records.
A key Scott lieutenant, attorney John French, called reporting the donation a “mistake” and an “accounting error.”
French says, “there was never a $500,000 check.”
Really?! How did Rick Scott’s campaign manage to log and report to the Florida Division of Elections a $500,000 donation that doesn’t exist? Most candidates would handle a donation that big carefully — and even Rick Scott should have stopped for a few seconds in between ribbon cuttings to ensure that the half-million-dollar contribution actually existed. 
“You’d think a millionaire would be better than most people at managing his own money — or at least be good at the basics, like keeping track of checks worth half a million dollars. Maybe Rick Scott’s reelection machine is just bursting at the seams with special interest cash, so they can’t be bothered to keep count. Or maybe he’s just the same old Rick Scott, cutting legal corners again,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Joshua Karp

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