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Rick Scott and Medicare: Is It Any Surprise He’s Misleading Florida’s Seniors?

Since Rick Scott presided over the biggest Medicare fraud in American history, Florida seniors won’t be surprised that he’ll rely completely on fear mongering and falsehoods when he stumps for reelection in Tampa today. 

Florida Democratic Party spokesman Joshua Karp said, “Rick Scott’s attacks against Democrats on Medicare would be laughable if the stakes for Florida’s seniors weren’t so high. Not only have his attacks been debunked, Rick Scott’s own company defrauded millions from Medicare that should have gone to seniors’ healthcare. Rick Scott’s desperate, hypocritical attempts to mislead voters are exactly why Floridians don’t trust this governor.

“If you believe Rick Scott when he says that Democrats want to harm Medicare, you probably also believe Scott wasn’t hiding anything when he took the Fifth 75 times during his Medicare fraud investigation.”

Rick Scott’s hypocritical attacks on Medicare have been debunked repeatedly by fact-checkers. See for yourself on, which called the attack “a scare tactic” that is “mostly false.”

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