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Rep. Rivas Logan and Chair Taddeo Condemn Rick Scott Campaign’s Anti-Hispanic Remarks

Today, former Republican State Representative Ana Rivas Logan and Miami-Dade Democratic Party Chair Annette Taddeo condemned the anti-Hispanic remarks by top-level Rick Scott campaign staffers. 

Former Republican Representative Ana Rivas Logan said, “Rick Scott’s campaign staff mocked Florida Hispanics like school children. That’s unacceptable from the people trying to elect a Governor in one of the most diverse states in the nation. These anti-Hispanic comments are exactly the kind of comments that made up my mind to leave the Republican Party. 

“What is unbelievable to me is that instead of apologizing about these remarks and moving on, Rick Scott hasn’t said a word! That’s not leadership.” Logan added. 

FDP Vice Chair Annette Taddeo said, “For three years, Rick Scott’s administration has repeatedly pursued policies that are disrespectful and harmful to Florida’s Hispanic community. He vetoed the bill to give drivers licenses to Dreamers. He cut millions from the Bright Futures scholarships that give the best students a chance to attend college. And we cannot forget that in 2010, he campaigned to bring an Arizona-style immigration law to Florida. That is where this Governor’s heart is.”

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