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Campaign in Chaos: To Distract from Racist Jokes Scandal, Rick Scott Stages (Another) Campaign Event on Taxpayer Dime

With Rick Scott’s campaign in chaos as it reels from repeated lies about racist remarks, the governor’s team is in its sixth day of damage-control. The strategy keeps changing as the scandal unfolds… 

Monday’s strategy: Lie about the scandal and pretend the racist remarks never happened.

Tuesday’s strategy: Get caught lying, and throw former campaign Finance Chairman Mike Fernandez under the bus. 

Wednesday’s strategy: Stage a campaign event on the taxpayer dime at a public high school in Tampa. 

“Rick Scott’s campaign is in a downward spiral, with damage-control strategies that change with the wind as their lies are revealed. Yesterday, they arrogantly threw one of their wealthiest campaign donors under the bus. Today, they’re flouting the law by campaigning at taxpayer expense. One thing is clear: this is a campaign in chaos,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Joshua Karp.


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