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Rick Keeps Digging: The Latest Round of Lies from the Governor in the Wake of the Racist Jokes Scandal

Today, in response to Rick Scott’s statement on Gonzalo Sanabria’s resignation as an RPOF Committeeman and from MDX,  Florida Democratic Party spokesman Joshua Karp made the following statement:

“Yet again, it looks like Rick Scott is telling a prominent Hispanic Republican that he is lying. The Rick Scott team’s arrogant and dismissive behavior this week is disrespectful to all Floridians — and shows how dysfunctional his campaign really is.

“Rick Scott claims Gonzalo Sanabria’s dismissal was due to his vote to raise toll fees. What the Governor fails to mention is that Sanabria has been serving in a vacant seat since February 2013, and the tolls vote took place on March 19th of 2013. So for 373 days Rick Scott didn’t have a problem with Sanabria, and expects Floridians to believe that his resignation today completely unrelated to Sanabria’s concerns over the handling of the racism scandal within the reelection campaign?
Check the Facts:

Gonzalo Sanabria was appointed to the MDX board on March 15, 2005, and his seat became vacant on February 7, 2013. For the past 413 days, Rick Scott has been happy to let Mr. Sanabria continue to serve without officially reappointing him.  After MDX updates their website, refer to this screenshot for the evidence. Source: Miami-Dade Expressway Authority Website,

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