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Rick Scott’s Latest Attack Ad is Attack on the Truth: FDP Sends Letter to Stations Demanding False Ad Be Taken Down

Rick Scott’s latest attack ad uses blatant falsehoods to scare Florida voters, relying on debunked claims and made-up quotes.

PolitiFact evaluated the two central claims of the ad and rated them “mostly false.” The Associated Press’s Gary Fineout wrote that the ad’s claim that 300,000 Floridians will lose their health insurance “is not accurate,” citing statements from a top Florida insurance company.

The Florida Democratic Party has sent a letter to all TV stations airing Rick Scott’s clearly misleading ad, demanding that it be taken down immediately.

“Rick Scott knows he can’t run on his failed record as governor, so he’s relying on scare tactics funded by his million-dollar war chest. This isn’t a surprise to Florida voters, who have gotten used to this governor covering up the truth. This ad’s outright lies are disappointing confirmation to the millions of Floridians who just don’t trust Rick Scott,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant.

The letter to TV stations and a detailed fact check of Rick Scott’s misleading advertisement are attached.

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