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“I Am Not A Man of the People” Campaign Strategy

Reeling From Bigotry Scandal, RPOF Attacks Fail Laughably

Desperate to change the subject from the growing scandal around racist jokes made by senior staff in the Rick Scott campaign, the Republican Party of Florida has gone off the deep end with an up-until-now unheard of campaign strategy: the “our candidate is not a man of the people” strategy. This weekend the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported on the RPOF’s attack on Governor Crist.

“This attack is so ridiculous that it’s just laughable,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Joshua Karp. “Not only is it blatantly hypocritical for Rick Scott’s campaign to attack someone’s wealth, or lack thereof, their attack completely concedes that Rick Scott is not a ‘man of the people.’ 

“What kind of campaign goes out of their way to make the case that their own candidate is out of touch? Clearly one still reeling from the resignations and racism scandal that rocked the campaign last week.

“Besides having a second roof in storage — for real, it’s made of a rare tile — Rick Scott is the proud owner of two private jets. In 2010, he dumped $70 million of his personal fortune into his campaign, and has pledged to spend a record amount again to buy his way to reelection. 

“If Rick Scott’s team wants to argue over which candidate is more in touch with the concerns of Florida’s middle class, we more than welcome the fight. We repeat, a second roof.” 

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