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The Unanswered Questions Pile Up for Rick Scott's Campaign In Chaos

The unanswered questions about Rick Scott’s racist jokes scandal just keep piling up, and Rick Scott continues to dodge the press and evade answering questions. Rick Scott has never spoken on the record about this scandal – and hopes he will never have to.

Here are just some of the questions Floridians have a right to have answered: 

1. Why has Rick Scott refused to even acknowledge that the racist jokes that precipitated Mike Fernandez’s resignation from his campaign? 

2. Did Rick Scott or a member of his staff instruct Lt. Gov. Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera to lie on last week’s conference call with the media?

3. Did Rick Scott or a member of his staff instruct Campaign Chairman Sen. John Thrasher to lie to reporters?

4. Did Rick Scott or a member of his staff instruct Campaign Manager Melissa Sellers to lie to reporters? 

5. When was Rick Scott informed of the racist jokes told by members of his campaign’s senior staff? 

6. Is Rick Scott even aware of the identities of these senior staffers? Has his staff hidden this information from him, or is Scott so incurious that he will never ask?

7. Did Rick Scott ever see the widely-reported email from Mike Fernandez, in which Fernandez requests twice for his concerns to be shared with the Governor?

8. Does Rick Scott approve of the way his staff has managed this scandal?

9. Why did Rick Scott offer the Finance Chairmanship of his campaign to John Rood, only to withdraw the offer within days?

10. Is it still the official position of Governor Rick Scott that this event never even happened?

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