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Wrong for Florida: As CEO and Governor, Rick Scott Flies Above the Law


As CEO and Governor, Rick Scott Flies Above the Law

Rick Scott continues to disregard the law — this time literally taking flights in a private jet that are never disclosed to the public. The Tampa Bay Times reports that the luxury private jet flights that fly Rick Scott from campaign event to campaign event are wrapped in secrecy, and are never reported on campaign finance reports in violation of Florida law.

Florida’s Division of Elections says that “expenses” — such as trips on a private jet — “must be publicly disclosed in the month in which they occurred.” 

Rick Scott’s campaign says that the cost of using the luxury jet will “be reported periodically.” Translation: Rick Scott will follow the law when he feels like it. 

Past Florida Governors were transparent and open about their travel, letting the public know when and with whom they were traveling.

Rick Scott doesn’t tell the public when he’s traveling. Rick Scott doesn’t tell the public who he’s traveling with. Rick Scott doesn’t even tell the public about the closed-door meetings he has on these flights, and when he lands. 

Florida Democratic Party spokesman Joshua Karp said, “Rick Scott promised Floridians transparency and ethics in government — but he has broken that promise with pay-to-play deals and an obsession with secrecy. Rick Scott can’t even be honest about his travel in private jets, and is violating the law by failing to come clean about his travel. Rick Scott thinks he’s above the law.

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