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Rick Scott Rejects Reality, Keeps Spreading Medicare Lies

Rick Scott held two “Medicare Advantage Roundtable” events this morning — to talk about a change in Medicare Advantage that will no longer happen. 

Perhaps Rick Scott does not read the news. More likely, he will just say anything to try to win, spreading untruths to Florida’s seniors that PolitiFact calls “false”. Either way, Rick Scott’s campaign is clearly reeling from scandals, grasping at straws and desperately attempting to change the narrative.

Here’s the truth: the changes to Medicare Advantage were halted by President Obama on Monday — and PolitiFact has rated Scott’s claims about premium hikes mostly false.”  — yet two days later, Rick Scott held campaign events built around this same untruth — and issued a campaign video entitled “Medicare Advantage Cuts Are ‘Threat to All of Us.’” The real threat to Florida’s seniors is Rick Scott’s endless lies to get what he wants. 

“Rick Scott lied to Floridians today about their health care, when everyone knows he presided over the largest Medicare fraud in American history as a CEO. The people of Florida know they just can’t trust Rick Scott. He can’t be trusted to fight for Florida’s middle class, and he can’t be trusted to protect Florida’s seniors,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant.

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