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FDP Response to Lopez-Cantera's Spin

FDP Response to Lopez-Cantera’s Spin on Rick Scott’s Anti-Hispanic Record

Lt. Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera’s response to the truth about Rick Scott’s anti-Hispanic policies and record does not even attempt to address the facts. 

Statement by Christian Ulvert, Florida Democratic Party Political Director:

“Let’s be clear — Rick Scott’s own employees say that he did not want to hire Hispanics when he was a CEO. Their words, not ours. As governor, Rick Scott has consistently hurt Florida’s Hispanic community, from vetoing drivers’ licenses for Dreamers, to waging a voter suppression campaign, to lying about staffers who mocked Mexican accents. The facts speak for themselves.

“Lt. Gov. Lopez-Cantera’s desperate desire to change the subject shows how worried the Scott campaign really is. But Florida’s Hispanic community knows the truth about this governor, and they will hold him accountable in November.

Click here to watch the video Lopez-Cantera is responding to, and read the press release here.


Carlos Lopez-Cantera Responds to Facts About Rick Scott’s Anti-Hispanic Record. “I am insulted that he would resort to using the Hispanic community as a pawn in his sick, desperate game to regain a position that he chose to abandon in 2010 in pursuit of his self-centered goals.” (Sunshine State News, 4/3/14)

Between 2003 And 2005, Five Solantic Supervisors And Two Employees Claimed They Were Prevented From Hiring People Because Of Their Weight, Age, Or Race. According to Salon, “From 2003 to 2005, five Solantic supervisors, all working in different clinics, have claimed they were explicitly prevented from hiring people they deemed the most qualified because the candidates were either overweight, too old, Hispanic or black. The supervisors all prepared lawsuits with the same lawyer, claiming they were fired or forced to quit ‘because they did not want to enforce Solantic’s discriminatory practices,’ as their complaints state. Two employees corroborated specific incidents in their own lawsuits against the company.” (Salon, 10/1/09)

Former Regional Medical Director Accused Scott Of Encouraging ‘Mainstream’ Hires When Faced With A Hispanic Job Candidate.  According to The Miami Herald, “After Scott was forced to leave Columbia/HCA, he cofounded a chain of walk-in urgent-care centers, Solantic. A former regional medical director, David Yarian, accused him of encouraging ‘mainstream’ hires when faced with a Hispanic job candidate.” (Miami Herald, 6/29/10)

Former Solantic Employee: When A Hispanic Staffer Was About To Be Hired, He Said Scott Sent Him An E-Mail Encouraging ‘Mainstream’ Hires. According to the Tampa Bay Times, “In 2001, he co-founded a chain of walk-in urgent care centers, Solantic, centered around northeast Florida. He has faced controversies there, too. ‘I was watching television and saw his ad go on about him running for governor,’ said Dr. David Yarian, who was Solantic’s first regional medical director until he was fired after about five months. ‘My jaw dropped and I said, ‘Oh my God. I can’t have this.’ It scares me what he would do and how would he do it.’ Yarian said Scott was obsessed with appearances over qualifications and demanded only trim and fit employees be hired. When a Hispanic staffer was about to be hired, he said Scott sent him an e-mail encouraging ‘mainstream’ hires.” (Tampa Bay Times, 5/6/10)

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