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Rick Scott Doubles Down on Dismissal of Florida’s Working Families

After recently saying the thought of raising the minimum wage made him “cringe,” Rick Scott has doubled down on his complete dismissal of helping over 1,700,000 hard-working Floridians earn a living wage. In their coverage of the minimum wage debate this session, WINK news reported“Earlier this year the idea of raising the minimum wage made him quote ‘cringe,’ and his campaign reelection manager says that it won’t be an issue come this fall.


“Perhaps if Rick Scott were less focused on trying to raise his minimum polling numbers he could find the time to do the right thing for Florida families,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Max Steele. “While there’s no doubt the thought of paying hard-working Floridians are fair wage really does make Rick Scott cringe, he is sorely mistaken if he thinks raising the minimum wage won’t be an issue in this election. This Governor has shown time and time again that he could not be more out of touch with everyday Floridians, and his wholesale dismissal of paying hard-working people a living wage further underscores this point.” 

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