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GOP Once Again Crushes Hopes of Florida Dreamers

Today, Hispanic Floridians saw Tallahassee Republicans fight among themselves over whether young Florida Dreamers should be allowed to pay in-state tuition at public colleges and universities. Florida Senate Appropriations Chairman John Thrasher this afternoon ruled out of order the final attempts to pass in-state college tuition for Dreamers. 

“The Republican Party has once again shown its mean-spirited, anti-Hispanic agenda,” said Florida Democratic Party Political Director Christian Ulvert. “Even after they weakened this bill several times, Florida Republicans still sided with their extremist Tea Party base to deny bright young children an affordable education. 

“Providing Florida’s smart young Dreamers with access to an affordable education is just common sense. This debate should have ended years ago. But whether it’s bigotry or pandering, Tallahassee Republicans just cannot stop disrespecting Florida’s Hispanic community.” 


News Service of Florida Reporter Dara Kam Posts That Senator Considers Dreamers Bill “Over.” @JackLatvala says immigrant tuition bill “over” today after Sen. Thrasher refused to allow Latvala amendment on ed bill earlier. (Dara Kam, 4/22/14)

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