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Rick Scott’s Top Reelection Priority Torpedoed by Campaign Chairman

Saying that he was just “doing my job” as a legislator, Rick Scott Campaign Chairman Senator John Thrasher today single-handedly blocked a measure to give some Dreamers access to in-state tuition. For three years, Rick Scott’s policies have completely alienated Hispanics, and he’s been using the issue to pander to this community. 

But action? Rick Scott has not gone that far. In fact, he only called Senate President Don Gaetz for the first time two days ago to discuss this bill. Scott has claimed in-state tuition is a priority for weeks — but clearly, his rhetoric was nothing more than lip service.

“Rick Scott’s cynicism is only outweighed by his campaign’s complete dysfunction. He campaigned on the blatantly bigoted Arizona immigration law, vetoed drivers’ licenses for Dreamers, and cannot even get his campaign chairman to support in-state tuition for Dreamers. This pandering won’t work because Florida’s Hispanics know Rick Scott only pretends to care about them when he needs their votes,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant.

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