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Pay-to-Play In Rick Scott’s Florida

Yesterday, Orlando’s WFTV reported the latest example of pay-to-play culture that has dominated the Rick Scott administration. While making more than $1 million dollars in campaign contributions to Rick Scott and the Republican Part of Florida, Florida Power and Light was able to successfully secure the creation of a new natural gas pipeline. 

Who is in charge of constructing pipeline? FP&L’s parent company. Who foots the bill for the fuel and costs associated with bringing the natural gas to Florida? Floridians. Who approved building the pipeline? Rick Scott.  

“This sweetheart deal for a major donor is only the latest example of Rick Scott’s pay-to-play Governorship,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Joshua Karp. “Time and time again, Rick Scott doesn’t govern for the middle class, he governs for his wealthy campaign contributors. Rick Scott hasn’t just failed to protect Floridians from utility rate hikes — he’s enabled the biggest corporations to profit off of Florida’s middle class.

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