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Unfinished Business: Ensuring All Florida Kids Get Health Care

Unfinished Business for Florida's Families

With just 5 days left in the legislative session, the Florida GOP and Rick Scott are leaving unfinished the business they were elected to do: expand opportunity so that all Floridians have a fair shot at the middle class. Instead, they spent this year’s session giving big handouts to the wealthiest special interests — while leaving Florida’s middle class families behind. 

Rick Scott and the GOP are closing the doors to the middle class. Education funding is behind where it was 7 years ago. Hard working Floridians who can’t afford health insurance are still struggling. And 25,000 Florida children still don’t have access to health care just because they are immigrants — and completely legal residents of Florida.

Florida KidCare provides access to essential health care for all of Florida’s children, except for children who are completely legal immigrants, who currently have to wait five years before they can get health care. Rick Scott and the Florida GOP could have fought to end the 5-year waiting list for these children to receive health care. Instead, they put politics and special interests first. The result? Unfinished business for Florida’s families.

Unfinished Business for Florida's Families: Ensuring All Florida Kids Get Health Care [image]

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