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Unfinished Business: Investing in Florida's Public Schools

Unfinished Business for Florida's Families

With just 2 days left in the legislative session, the Florida GOP and Rick Scott are leaving a pile of important business for the middle class unfinished: instead of expanding opportunity for all Floridians, they spent this year’s session giving big handouts to the wealthiest special interests.

The wealthiest special interests benefited, while legislation to ensure equal pay, raise the minimum wage, invest in our public schools, and expand access to health care was shoved aside. 

Today, we are highlighting Rick Scott and the GOP’s failure to invest in public education, instead directing millions of public tax dollars to for-profit charter schools, many of which are owned by out-of-state corporations. This year, the disparity between capital investment in for-profit charter schools and in Florida’s public schools illustrates just how misguided the Republican’s priorities are — taking public money from Florida’s kids and handing it to for-profit out-of-state corporations.


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