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FDP Statement on Senate's Passage of Dreamers Tuition Bill

Today, the Florida Senate passed a watered-down bill to provide some Dreamers with in-state tuition, and Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant made the following statement: 

“This is a good step forward for Florida’s young Dreamers, but no one is fooled here. This is election-year pandering of Rick Scott and Florida Republicans. Election year politics are finally forcing Florida Republicans to do what best for Florida’s children. 

“In order to get this bill passed, Tallahassee Republicans have had to pander to the Tea Party. If Rick Scott and his allies in the Legislature truly believed in helping Florida’s Hispanic community, they wouldn’t have weakened this bill so much. This bill forces Dreamers to compete for a limited number of slots with out-of-state students. It denies them financial aid. 

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