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On Sine Die, Unfinished Business for Florida's Families

Unfinished Business for Florida's Families

“Politics as usual”

— The Miami Herald

“For the Florida Legislature, this is the spring of playing it safe….they will leave Tallahassee having ignored the biggest challenges.”

— Tampa Bay Times 

With just hours left in the 2014 session, the Florida GOP and Rick Scott are about to adjourn with a mountain of business unfinished. Instead of opening the doors of opportunity wider this session, Florida Republicans kept them firmly shut.

The wealthiest special interests benefited, while legislation to ensure equal pay, raise the minimum wage, invest in our public schools, and expand access to health care was ignored.

Rick Scott and the GOP failed to invest in public education and Bright Futures, instead directing millions of public tax dollars to for-profit charter schools, many of which are owned by out-of-state corporations.

Rick Scott and the GOP had the chance to pass legislation ensuring that Florida women receive equal pay or equal work. They had a chance to take a stand against Florida women making only eighty-four cents for every dollar a man earns. But despite overwhelming public support for the measure, the Republican leadership would not even allow the bill to be heard

Over and over again, Republicans refused to even vote on legislation to improve the lives of millions of Floridians.


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