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Sine Die? Unfinished Business for Florida's Families

Sine Die? Unfinished Business for Florida's Families

“Politics as usual”

— The Miami Herald

“For the Florida Legislature, this is the spring of playing it safe….they will leave Tallahassee having ignored the biggest challenges.”

— Tampa Bay Times

Florida GOP adjourned the 2014 session with business unfinished for Florida’s middle class families. Rick Scott and GOP leaders, instead of opening the doors of opportunity wider this session, Florida Republicans kept them firmly shut.

Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant said,This session, legislation to expand opportunity never even got a vote, while the wealthiest special interests got special treatment and millions in taxpayer handouts. Florida’s middle class deserves better than what’s left over, after Tallahassee Republicans have finished giving the special interests big tax handouts. Republicans refused to even vote on legislation to raise the minimum wage, guarantee equal pay for women, invest in public schools, and expand access to health care. They put the middle class last.”


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