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Rep. Lori Berman and Middle Class Floridians Blast Unfinished Business

Today, minutes before Rick Scott began another campaign rally filled with untruths about his record, Florida Democrats held him to account. Representative Lori Berman and middle class Floridians stood outside Rick Scott’s campaign event and highlighted the wrong priorities and missed opportunities of the Governor’s legislative session.

Watch Florida Democrats protest Rick Scott misleading campaign events, from The Palm Beach Post:

Representative Lori Berman said, “Rick Scott is here to talk about his campaign, and this is his post-session ‘victory tour.’ But in reality, this not a victory for most Floridians. We have 800,000 Floridians who didn’t get healthcare this session – it’s not working for them. We have teachers who didn’t get pay raises – it’s not working for our teachers. 

“We have spending in this state, per-pupil, for our students, that’s lower than it was in 2007 – so it’s not working for our students.  

“We have women in this state who are earning 16% lower than men for the work they do in this state – and yet equal pay for women wasn’t even discussed in the legislature. 

“We have a million people in this state who are getting minimum wage and they can’t afford to live – and yet discussions of the minimum wage didn’t take place this session. It’s not working for our middle class Floridians.”

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