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Ellyn Bogdanoff: A Risk South Florida Families Can’t Afford

Saying, “I am a risk taker,” Ellyn Bogdanoff told the Miami Herald on Friday that she was considering another run for the State Senate but the truth is, Floridians know that Ellyn Bogdanoff is a risk they just can’t afford. 

As a legislator, Ellyn Bogdanoff put the wealthy special interests and her partisan political agenda first — and put the people who elected her last. In 2012, South Florida voters looked at Bogdanoff’s record, and rejected her:

“It’s no surprise that a career politician like Republican Ellyn Bogdanoff misses being able to help her wealthy special interest allies in Tallahassee,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant. “But in 2012, South Florida voters rejected Bogdanoff and her record of putting the middle class last. When Bogdanoff wasn’t voting to cut education funding, she was approving taxpayer giveaways to out-of-state corporations.  

“The fact is, Ellyn Bogdanoff fights for her political agenda and the special interests, not for middle class Floridians. If she decides to run again, South Florida voters will reject her again.”


Bogdanoff May Decide This Week On Campaign Against Sachs. Ellyn Bogdanoff, a Fort Lauderdale Republican, says she will probably decide next week whether to seek a re-match with state Sen. Maria Sachs, D-Delray Beach. (The Miami Herald, 5/16/14

Republicans Cut Funding For Public Education For Five Consecutive Years, Including Cutting $1.3 billion In 2011 Alone. “The budget does not make up for five consecutive years of cuts to K-12 spending, including $1.3 billion in cuts Scott approved last year.” (Tampa Bay Times, 4/18/12

Bogdanoff Voted for Budgets Which Made Severe Cuts to Healthcare Programs Women Rely On. In March of 2010, Bogdanoff voted for the $70.4 billion budget for 2010-2011, which “slashes Medicaid reimbursement for larger hospitals by 7 percent and lowers spending on mental-health treatment and substance-abuse programs by more than $10 million. Funding for Healthy Start, which provides prenatal care to indigent women, and Healthy Families, which prevents child abuse, was cut by $12.6 million combined.” The budget was passed by a vote of 77-43.  (HB 5001, 3/23/10; Tallahassee Democrat, 5/01/10)

Bogdanoff Voted to Eliminate Optional Medicaid Coverage for Low-Income Pregnant Women, Which Dem. Rep. Geraldine Thompson Called The “Most Sexist Cut in the Budget.” In April 2010, Bogdanoff voted in favor of a House budget which eliminated “optional Medicaid coverage for low-income pregnant women.” Democratic Rep. Geraldine Thompson called it “the most sexist cut” in the bill.  (HB 5001, Vote Seq. 1122, 4/30/10; Tampa Tribune, 4/02/10) 

In 2011, Bogdanoff Voted To Restrict Access To Lifesaving Healthcare For Women And Require Women Seeking An Abortion To Undergo An Ultrasound First. On May 5, 2011 Bogdanoff voted to pass HB 1127, which would require women to undergo an ultrasound before receiving an abortion. (Palm Beach Post, 05/06/11; HB 1127, 2011)

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