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For Bogdanoff, It’s Tallahassee Politics As Usual

Today, the News Service of Florida reports that Ellyn Bogdanoff will only run for the State Senate if — in her own words — the “dynamics” are right and “it’s truly a winnable district.” 

That is exactly the kind of selfish political gamesmanship South Florida voters have come to expect from Bogdanoff, whose time in Tallahassee was spent pursuing a partisan agenda that enriched wealthy special interests while hurting middle class families.

Her record of failure speaks for itself:

“The last time Floridians put their trust in Ellyn Bogdanoff, she betrayed them, voting to cut $1.3 billion from public schools and restricting women’s health care. Voters know that Bogdanoff is only interested in helping herself and her wealthy special interest cronies. That’s why South Floridians rejected Bogdanoff’s ruthlessly negative campaign in 2012, and why any attempt to run again would be doomed to failure,” said FDP Executive Director Scott Arceneaux.

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