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Rick Scott Doubles Down on High-Speed Rail Untruths

In the three years since Rick Scott rejected high-speed rail, it appears the governor has learned nothing. Yesterday in Tampa, Rick Scott doubled down on his colossal error, offering Floridians the same tired and debunked talking points and empty political rhetoric. 

Asked by Tampa station WFLA for his current opinion on high speed rail, Rick Scott responded that it would “lose money.”

Of course, numerous economic stories by conservative think tanks, independent groups, business groups, and the Florida Department of Transportation disagree. 

“Floridians have not forgotten that Rick Scott put pandering to the Tea Party over bringing high-speed rail to Florida, costing the state over $2 billion in federal funds and tens of thousands of jobs,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Max Steele. “Yesterday, Rick Scott doubled down on his rejection of high-speed rail, repeating his debunked talking points that rub salt in the wound for the millions of Floridians who would have benefitted.”

“The voters simply cannot trust Rick Scott to tell the truth or do the right thing by Florida’s middle class,” Steele added.

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