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Pleading the Fifth: Rick Scott’s Climate Change Denial

Want more proof that Rick Scott arrogantly believes the rules don’t apply to him? Yesterday, Rick Scott campaigned in Miami, where residents are already feeling the effect of rising sea levels, and refused to answer questions about climate change. Instead, he dodged and pled the fifth. 

Take a look at the coverage Floridians are reading today… 

Gov. Rick Scott won’t say if he thinks man-made climate-change is real, significant

Miami Herald 

Rick Scott awkwardly dodges questions about his climate denialism


Rick Scott Won’t Say If He Believes In Man-Made Climate Change: ‘I’m Not A Scientist’

The Huffington Post 

Rick Scott Says He is ‘No Scientist’ When It Comes to Climate Change

The Shark Tank 

Gov. Rick Scott on climate change: ‘I’m not a scientist’

Bradenton Herald 

Florida’s Rick Scott: ‘I’m not a scientist’

Rachel Maddow

Rick Scott Reminds People That He’s No Scientist When Asked About Manmade Climate Change

Broward New Times

“A recent national climate-change report indicated that Florida will be exceptionally vulnerable if the seas continue to rise.”

Miami Herald 

FL Governor Rick Scott Deflects Climate Questions: ‘I’m Not a Scientist’


“Nice seeing you guys.”

Tampa Bay Times

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