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FDP Statement on Rick Scott Administration’s Fight Against Marriage Equality

In response to the citizens’ lawsuit against Florida’s ban on marriage equality, the Rick Scott administration issued a bigoted and patently false claim that same-sex marriage will do “significant public harm” to Florida. Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant issued the following statement: 

“Shame on Rick Scott for once again putting rigid ideology ahead of Floridian’s rights,” said Allison Tant. “The brave Floridians who have stood up for their rights should be commended by our elected leaders, not bullied by Rick Scott’s bigotry. Of course marriage equality is a civil right, and would be a blessing to LGBT couples across Florida. The real danger is Rick Scott’s bigoted rhetoric that attempts to divide Floridians, rather than unite them. If Rick Scott had any shame he would be feeling it now. 

“Sadly, these kind of hateful, homophobic arguments are nothing new for Florida Republicans. Earlier this month, Representative Charles Van Zant outrageously claimed that Common Core would turn students gay — a new rhetorical low for a Florida Republican Party with a shockingly low bar. Where was the outrage and condemnation from Rick Scott or House Speaker Will Weatherford? Rick Scott’s silence in the face of flagrant prejudice and hateful bullying speaks volumes, and Floridians are listening.”

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