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FDP Statement On Rick Scott’s Signing of Pork-Filled Budget

Today, Rick Scott signed an election-year budget stuffed with hundreds of millions in pork barrel spending and taxpayer giveaways. At a time when Florida’s schools remain underfunded and nearly a million Floridians go without access to affordable health care, Rick Scott has signed a budget — the largest in state history — that fails to address these crucial issues.

“Over the last three years, Rick Scott has made it clear to Floridians that lining the pockets of special interests comes before doing what’s right for the middle class,” said FDP Chair Allison Tant. “Rick Scott underscored that fact today by signing a budget packed with hundreds of millions in pork barrel spending and taxpayer giveaways. Per-pupil education funding remains below 2007 levels. Bright Futures scholarships have been slashed to the bone. Nearly one million Floridians still lack access to affordable health care. In a reelection campaign where Rick Scott is trying desperately to run away from his failed record, one thing has not changed: Rick Scott takes care of the wealthy special interests while ignoring the needs of middle class Floridians.”

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