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FDP Video Highlights Rick Scott’s Failed Record on Education

Today, the Florida Democratic Party released a new web video highlighting the damage Rick Scott has done to Florida’s education system over the last three years. From cutting K-12 education funding by $1.3 billion to slashing Bright Futures to the bone, from cutting college funding by hundreds of millions to repeatedly raising tuition, Rick Scott’s failed record on education could not be more clear. 

“For three years, Floridians have witnessed the devastating effects Rick Scott has had on public education. Now, in addition to running for re-election, Rick Scott is trying to run from his record of slashing education funding while lining the pockets of special interests and top campaign contributors” said FDP Chair Allison Tant. “But no amount of poll-tested talking points can change the fact that per-pupil spending still remains below 2007 levels, and that Bright Futures serves far fewer students than it did seven years ago.  

“This week, Rick Scott is expected to sign a budget filled with hundreds of millions in pork barrel spending. He will have to answer to Florida’s teachers, students, and parents for every dollar he fails to veto as our schools continue to struggle. Floridians will be watching carefully as Rick Scott decides what’s most important: pet projects for special interests or giving our children the best education possible.” 

Click here to watch the new video

Video script: 

Rick Scott cut K-12 education by $1,300,000,000.00. 

He spends $189 less per student than Florida did in 2007. 

He took away Bright Futures Scholarships for 1/2 of Florida students.

Yet he gives away billions of her money to corporations. 

Rick Scott: I don’t know what your definition of important is…” 

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