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Rick Scott’s Deathbed Conversion on In-State Tuition for Dreamers

Trailing in the polls and deeply unpopular, Rick Scott today signed a bill allowing some Dreamers to access in-state tuition at Florida’s colleges and universities.

“The winners today are the Floridians and the Dreamers who, at long last, will be able to afford a college education in Florida. But let me be clear: this one act, taken in the middle of a reelection campaign, does not erase four years of anti-Hispanic policies by Rick Scott,” said FDP Vice Chair Annette Taddeo.

“If Rick Scott supports Dreamers, why has he so consistently cut opportunity for the Hispanic community? He vetoed Dreamers’ right to earn a drivers’ license. He’s failed to expand access to health care. And he’s cut Bright Futures scholarship four years in a row,” Vice Chair Taddeo added.

“For years Rick Scott has treated Hispanics like second-class citizens. In 2010, Scott campaigned for the bigoted Arizona immigration law and promised to bring it to Florida. This is a good day for Dreamers, but no one is fooled here — and in November, Florida’s Hispanics will remember where Rick Scott really stands,” said FDP Political Director Christian Ulvert.


“With regard to giving tuition reduction, in-state tuition to illegal immigrants, I wouldn’t be doing that.” — Rick Scott, 2011 

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