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He Should Just Look in the Mirror: Rick Scott’s College Affordability Sham

Rick Scott spent this week campaigning about college affordability. But if he really wants to understand why college is getting harder for middle class families to afford, he just needs to look in the mirror. 

No matter how many photo-ops and scripted stops Rick Scott makes to campaign with tired talking points on college affordability, nothing will change his record of raising tuition while cutting college funding and Bright Futures scholarship to the bone. Under Scott, it’s more expensive than ever to go to college and it’s harder than ever to pay for it. Opportunity for the middle class has shrunk, while the wealthy and well-connected are doing better than ever.

“Rick Scott has cut hundreds of millions from higher education while dramatically shrinking Bright Futures scholarships. Now that Rick Scott’s running for reelection, he hopes Floridians will forget about the damage he’s caused to our college and university systems. He thinks he can tell untruths and get away with it,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant.

“That’s why he hides his travel records, makes absurd demands from media organizations, and holds events where attendees are asked to declare their citizenship. How can Rick Scott claim to represent all Floridians, if he campaigns by hiding from tough questions about his dismal record on education — or his campaign’s flagrant disregard for the facts?”

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