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Fact and Fiction: Rick Scott Can’t Run From His Anti-Education Record

Rick Scott is stumping the state trying to rewrite his failed education record, but Floridians know they simply cannot trust this governor.

RICK SCOTT’S FICTION: Rick Scott wants Floridians to believe that his funding for education is “historic,” but independent fact-checkers have already said that’s not accurate — the best years for per-student funding were 2007 and 2008. 

FLORIDA’S FACT: Rick Scott has always put education last, while helping the wealthy and well-connected to do better than ever. 

Local education leaders are saying Rick Scott has misled the public, calling his 2014 education budget a “shell game,” and saying that “this was not a banner year for public schools to get money. It simply wasn’t and there’s no way to defend that it was.” 

“When Rick Scott became governor, cutting education was his number-one priority. He cut public schools and scholarships by over $1 billion to give taxpayer handouts to the wealthy special interests. In an election year, he’s running from his record of slashing school funding. But middle class Floridians know they cannot trust this governor, because he’s broken their trust again and again,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Joshua Karp.

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