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FDP Statement on Rick Scott Qualifying for Reelection Bid

Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant made the following statement regarding Gov. Rick Scott filing his papers to run for a second term:

“Rick Scott officially asked Florida voters for another term today, but the truth is Florida’s middle class can’t afford four more years of Rick Scott. The last 3 years have seen this governor cut education by over $1 billion and raise taxes on the middle class so he could give tax breaks to big corporations and the wealthy special interests. Scott refused federal money that would have provided health care for 1 million Floridians and built much-needed high-speed rail. He has opposed raising the minimum wage, cut scholarships for kids trying to lift themselves up, and vetoed the chance for Florida’s Dreamers to get driver’s licenses. 

“From running a company that defrauded billions from Medicare to giving tens of millions in state contracts to wealthy campaign contributors, Rick Scott has proven he can’t be trusted and that he is not on the side of Florida’s middle class.”

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