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Rick Scott Cares About Teachers So Little, Will He Even Ask Them for Their Vote?

Will Rick Scott ask Florida’s teachers for their vote this November? After four years of treating teachers like they don’t matter, Rick Scott’s empty election-year rhetoric will only alienate them more.

One of Rick Scott’s first acts as governor was to pass massive budget cuts to education, which forced thousands of teachers across Florida to be fired. And Scott repealed employment protections for teachers that local school officials and teachers called disastrous. Rick Scott cares so little about education that he didn’t even come to his own education summit last year, even though he found the time to attend a Tea Party convention the same week.

So will Rick Scott even bother asking teachers for their vote? He sure isn’t listening to them.

“Rick Scott has never listened to Florida’s teachers. He takes care of special interests and the people at the top, not Florida’s public schools and colleges. Scott cut over a billion from education to give more tax breaks to big corporations and the wealthy,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Joshua Karp

“Floridians need a governor who understands that great public schools are built on great teachers who love what they do. Rick Scott has never understood that, because he’s never listened to Florida’s teachers.”

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