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Wrong for Florida: This November, Floridians Will Reject Pam Bondi’s Partisan Priorities

This week, Pam Bondi qualified to run for reelection as Attorney General. The fact is, Pam Bondi’s Tea Party agenda ignores the needs of Florida’s middle class and puts her own partisan agenda first: 

Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant said, “For nearly four years, Pam Bondi has failed Floridians every step of the way. From protecting big businesses over consumers to her bigoted stance against Hispanic and LGBT Floridians  Bondi has shown that she is completely out of step with the middle class. She has used her office as a platform to force a misguided Tea Party agenda on our state, putting her own political needs first. How else can she explain rescheduling an execution — one of the most solemn duties of the Attorney General’s office — so she could attend a political fundraiser?” 

“Floridians are ready for an attorney general that stands up for the rights of all Floridians, and prioritizes the duties and dignity of the office over scoring political points for radical Tea Partiers. In November, I’m confident they’ll elect an attorney general to do just that.”

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