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Bondi Doubles Down On Hateful Crusade Against LGBT Floridians

After making national news last month by claiming marriage equality would cause “significant public harm,” Attorney General Pam Bondi has doubled down on her bigoted campaign against LGBT Floridians. Bondi has offered to join additional lawsuits — at taxpayer expense — in an effort to obstruct marriage equality. As the Associated Press’s Gary Fineout reported, Pam Bondi seeks to intervene in two lawsuits filed against the Miami-Dade and Monroe County clerks.  

“After the initial backlash to her bigoted comments, Bondi insisted that she was just doing her job. Now it is clear that Bondi is waging an ideologically charged war against LGBT Floridians, going out of her way to waste taxpayer dollars in an effort to stop Floridians from enjoying the same rights as their fellow citizens. Floridians overwhelmingly agree that love is love, and for Bondi to continue to waste taxpayer dollars in an effort to shore up her Tea Party credentials during her reelection campaign is simply unconscionable. Floridians deserve an Attorney General that will fight for them — not a bigoted, self-interested politician like Pam Bondi,” said Florida Democratic Party Political Director Christian Ulvert.

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