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Rick Scott, You May Want to Call Your Office

Today, Rick Scott repeatedly insisted that no public funds would go towards All Aboard Florida. These statements, which run counter to fact, leave Floridians with one of two options: 

  1. The Governor is lying 
  2. Rick Scott remains completely ignorant of salient details of deals he has approved to the tune of $200 million.  

While Rick Scott has long established a record of misleading, lying, and pleading the 5th, let’s give the governor the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps he truly doesn’t know that upwards of $200 million in taxpayer dollars have already been committed to projects connected to All Aboard Florida. If this is the case, we urge the governor to call his office and ask for his Chief of Staff Adam Hollingsworth. The number is (850) 488-7146.  

Hollingsworth could read the governor all of the texts and emails he sent as he spent countless hours lobbying for taxpayer funds to be used for All Aboard Florida. He could tell Rick Scott the real reason why he fought so hard to quash high-speed rail. And he could clue the governor in about how all of the taxpayer funds magically appeared after Hollingsworth became Chief of Staff. 

Rick Scott, call your office.

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