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Scott doubles down on untruths about All Aboard Florida

Just hours ago in Tampa, Rick Scott doubled down on his untruths about All Aboard Florida — and refused to even discuss the scandal surrounding his chief of staff’s latest scandal.

Hollingsworth used his connections as the governor’s most trusted advisor to kill High Speed Rail and line up a taxpayer-funded sweetheart deal for his former employer — and Rick Scott approved of his employee’s duplicity and supported the mega-deal.  

Q: Governor, considering the recent story about All Aboard Florida, can you tell us how big a role Adam Hollingsworth played in paving the way for All Aboard Florida?

Scott: So, All Aboard Florida is 100% private venture. It’s a private company. What was important to me is that we extended the time frame for anybody that wanted to ask questions, the public comment period, that’s what I expect.  

Q: But they are apparently going to seek $44 million in state grants.

Scott: The All Aboard project is 100% privately funded.

But that’s just not true. The state has already committed over $200 million to projects connected to All Aboard Florida, and the “100% private venture” will seek an additional $44 million from taxpayers. 

So much for transparency, Rick.

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